Targeted, Niche Paralegal Job Board

Locate Paralegal Jobs is a niche job board dedicated exclusively to paralegal jobs. The site is a member of the Locate Jobs Network, a network of highly-targeted, niche job sites covering a broad array of industries and employment fields. Locate Paralegal Jobs and the Locate Jobs Network were launched in an effort to bring simple, targeted and cost-effective job search and online recruiting solutions to employers, recruiters and job seekers. The large, all-inclusive job boards currently dominating the employment and recruiting landscape are prohibitively expensive for most employers and they often deliver poor results. By focusing on small niches within given industries and professions, our sites excel at delivering the active, targeted job seekers that employers and recruiters require to see measurable returns on their hiring investment. Job seekers using Locate Paralegal Jobs have the advantage of seeing only employment positions that specifically match their interest and skill set and the highly targeted content at Locate Paralegal Jobs benefits both employers and job seekers in every potential employment transaction. Our sites are simple by design. Job seekers are free to search jobs without logging in or creating an account. Employers can post jobs easily and they are searchable within minutes. Locate Paralegal Jobs is not intended to drive massive amounts of passive job seekers to vague job posts. Rather, the site is built for capturing the most targeted employment traffic possible and serving the most appropriate paralegal job posts for active job seekers.

Locate Paralegal Jobs is a privately-held Maryland company and part of the Locate Jobs Network, a loosely-affiliated group of niche job boards featuring always-updated online job listings and job posting services for employers. Founded in 2009, Locate Paralegal Jobs was borne from the inherent direction of the overall online job posting and recruiting space, in which highly-targeted, niche sites perform better for both employers and employment candidates than their larger, all-inclusive counterparts. While the founders of Locate Paralegal Jobs do not discourage the use of "horizontal" job boards and job aggregators, each of the sites in the Locate Jobs Network, including Locate Paralegal Jobs, is dedicated to a particular industry or geographic region. It is this niche approach to the online job search and recruiting process that offers value to employers in the form of a relevant audience for their posted legal jobs, and to job seekers, who can take advantage of the targeted nature of the site to find only paralegal jobs and other positions that are specifically related to their particular area of expertise. As the "backbone" of the legal profession and the law offices and legal departments in which they work, paralegals and their counterparts - including legal secretaries, legal assistants, law clerks and legal support personnel - are integral to the success of many attorneys. At Locate Paralegal Jobs, we offer a natural resource with which employers and human resources managers can connect directly with the most talented and motivated job candidates in the industry.